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    To Preserve and Provide A
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    To encourage and empower
    To encourage and empower girls towards education and
    promote gender equality.
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    To preserve and provide a
    To Educate Women
    To prevent child labour
    To promote gender equality
    To educate communities
    To empower girls towards education
    To encourage and importance of education.

Welcome to Sudhandhira Pengal Charitable Trust

Sudhandhira Pengal Charitable Trust is Only Focusing to Educate Women. We Aspire to Develop These Programs and Reach the Wider Migrant Communities of India, Bringing Awareness

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To Preserve And Provide A Educate Women's, To Prevent Child Labour , To Encourage And Empower Girls Towards Education And Promote Gender Equality, To Educate Communities On The Importance Of Education.

To achieve

SUDHANDHIRA PENGAL CHARITABLE TRUST Extends Its Helping Hand To Women Deprived Of The Basic Education In What Ever Way It Is Possible. Let Us Extend Our Helping Hand For This Deprived Section Of Our Society.

To Educate

Improving Girls' Educational Levels Has Been Demonstrated To Have Clear Impacts On The Health And Economic Future Of Young Women, Which In Turn Improves The Prospects Of Their Entire Community.

How can you help us?

There is a saying that "Serving kids is like serving god" Specially when you serve special children its like serving the god.

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